Our friends at Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts started 2019 with a brand new concept for their corporate culture – in early January, they began to gradually introduce various types of environmental activities in their everyday business.

In their new office in Sofia, there are already brand new colored metal containers for separate waste collection – a successful effort to inspire most of their employees to be responsible when it comes to garbage disposal.

In addition, in January Agency for Control of Outstanding Debtsintroduced a policy to eliminate all plastic products from their daily routine. The management recommended all employees to use porcelain dishes and cups, and wooden cutlery. Plans through the end of this year include reducing the use of resources such as paper and fuel, and recycling old electric household and office appliances.

Employees have already prepared ten old printers to be moved out of their office space. Furthermore, as a Christmas and New Year present the company’s partners and employees received a notebook made of recycled materials. Forthcoming activities include various initiatives to green up spaces inside and outside the city, restore and improve existing eco paths, and take part in bTV’s initiative Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together. We askedAgency for Control of Outstanding Debts’s Commercial Manager Magdalena Voynova to tell us more about the motivation behind the office’s green policy.

Magdalena, why did you choose this direction among others? We live in a world where environmental pollution problems are more notable than ever. I don’t know a single person, who is not willing to do something to improve the environment we all inhabit. This is also valid when it comes to Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts’s employees, who are actively and voluntarily trying to fit into this new green atmosphere we are establishing. We want to be adequate in time and space – by offering alternatives to life in the office, which work for everyone. We will be happy to go outside very soon and green up a “grey” spot in the city or simply clean up a popular eco path and turn it into a more attractive place where people and their friends, children and families can have a good time.

When do you think you will meet the green goals you have set? We have already launched many of them and we hope to receive some useful feedback from our employees with ideas of other things we could improve. We have not set any deadlines – the important thing is to move into the right direction.

Aren’t you concerned that many other companies are also implementing green policies and it would be hard for you to be exclusive in your proposal to your employees? We believe there are not enough initiatives yet sufficient to achieve systematic change in this aspect. Therefore, anyone on board – an employee, a citizen or any other company – a partner or a competitor, is welcome to unite their forces with us for a greener future.



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